About Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement surgery in today’s scenario is need of an hour. Problems related to joints have also increased with the increased life expectancy.

As a matter of fact aging cause’s joints problem but otherwise old age people are healthy enough and they wish to live an active life. Joint replacement surgery helps you to get back to your normal active life and continue adding value to the society.

Joint replacement surgery was started with an idea of giving a pain free life to those who were suffering from osteoarthritis. In today’s time there has been much advancement in this field of joint replacement surgery which allows the patient to work or live life like any other healthy person. It has been observed that many young people are also becoming victim of joint related problem and if they are left untreated then their life becomes miserable. Any type of sport activity, dance, cycling or any other activity is now possible with this high performance surgery.

Unfortunately there has been many myths and miscommunication about this procedure in the society. People feel that the success rate of this surgery is very low and there may be many other problems after the surgery. Friends I can assure you that the success rate is almost 100% BUT you have to be very intelligent in choosing your surgeon who can definitely help you to improve your quality of life. In case due to any reason your surgery does not gives the desired results then also advance revision surgery is possible in today’s time. There have been many studies worldwide which shows that patients after getting joint replacement, once again lead a very active life.

We are not only involved in doing this surgery but we are also training number of young orthopaedic surgeons who later on develop themselves and start doing joint replacement surgeries in their areas.

Friends at last I wish to say that do not get scared of this surgery. In case you still have any questions in your mind then come to us and we will clear all your doubts regarding Joint Replacement Surgery.

It is correct to say that “DARO MAT - KYOKI DAR KE AGE JEET HAI”

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